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Permanent board of revisors of the list of electors


Established in October 1999, the Permanent board of revisors assists Élections Québec in updating the permanent list of electors.


The Permanent board of revisors studies the cases submitted to them when difficulties are encountered in updating the permanent list of electors.

It has the power to verify the information relating to a person entered on the permanent list of electors, conduct inquiries and summon witnesses, where necessary. It ensures that anyone who may be affected by any of its decisions has the opportunity to make their views known.


The Board consists of three members, including a chairperson, who is selected and appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer. The other two members are appointed by the Chief Electoral Officer from lists submitted by the leaders of the two political parties that had the largest number of candidates elected in the last general election.

Accredited representatives of the other parties sitting in the Assemblée nationale may also attend the board’s proceedings. They do not have the right to vote, however.

A new board was formed after the October 1, 2018, general election.


  • Hélène Giroux, Chair
  • Nicole Bouffard-Madore, Delegate for Coalition avenir Québec – François Legault’s team
  • Diane Larose, Delegate for the Quebec Liberal Party

Representatives of other political parties

  • Lucie Charbonneau, Delegate for Québec solidaire
  • Pierre Maheux, Delegate for the Parti Québécois

The Board’s work began on April 8, 2019.

How it works

The Board normally meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the event of a general election, the Board is dissolved and must be reconstituted within six months of the general election. During municipal elections, school elections or a referendum, the work of the Permanent Board of Revisors is suspended for the duration of the electoral period.

To support the members of the Board in their work, the Chief Electoral Officer provides them with the staff necessary to perform their duties. This team is called the secretariat of the Permanent board of revisors.

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