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Parties and other political entities

The Register of authorized political entities of Québec contains information on authorized political parties, authorized independent Members and authorized independent candidates. This information is kept under the Election Act and the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities.

The information to be included in the Register is established by law. Some of these items are not presented on the website to protect personal information.

Political parties

The list of authorized political parties and the data sheet for each party are available to the public.

Provincial political party authorities

See the list of political party associations by electoral division, region or for all of Québec.

Pending applications for authorization

See the list of pending applications for authorization.

Political party leadership campaigns

Political party leadership campaigns are subject to legal guidelines. Candidates for the leadership of a political party must follow the rules of campaign financing and auditing of expenses.

Authorized independent MNAs

See the list of authorized independent members.

Persons authorized to collect contributions and incur expenses

Authorization is required to collect gifts and incur expenses.

Reserved names

By reserving a name with us, the leader of a political party becomes the only person who can file an application for authorization under that name for the next six months.

Private intervenors

See the list of electors or groups of electors who have obtained authorization as private intervenors.

Public notices

See the new authorizations and withdrawals of authorization in the Register of authorized political entities of Québec.

Changes to the Register of authorized political entities

Any changes to the information contained in the Register must be conveyed to us in writing.

Other resources

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