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Publications and election documents


In this section, you will find the documents produced by Élections Québec and those made available by request.

These documents are divided into two main categories:

  • Publications: reports, studies, policies, briefs, surveys, etc.
  • Election documents: forms, posters, leaflets, guidelines, guides, manuals, etc. that are useful during elections.

Electoral maps, financial reports of political parties and independent candidates, educational resources and the documents filed by citizens or organizations over the course of a public consultation are not available on this page.

We ask electors and organizations that work with people with special needs to contact us for any documents or information they may require.

Despite our best efforts, not all documents may be fully accessible to all. If you have any difficulty reading them, please contact us.

Note that the majority of our publications and election documents are in French.

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178 documents
Guide for the private intervenor (pdf)

April, 2024


Guide for the authorized candidate (pdf)

April, 2024


Provisional contribution receipt (signed by the elector) (pdf)

April, 2024


Opening of an account in a financial institution (pdf)

April, 2024


Standards relating to contribution receipts (pdf)

April, 2024


Persons authorized to solicit and collect contributions (pdf)

April, 2024


Report and return of an authorized candidate (pdf)

April, 2024


Loss of advertising material as the result of vandalism or theft during an election period (pdf)

April, 2024


Reuse of advertising material produced and used during a previous election (pdf)

April, 2024


Processing official receipts (pdf)

April, 2024


Additional financial report from an authorized candidate (pdf)

April, 2024


Eligibility of durable goods (pdf)

April, 2024


Organization and conduct of public meetings during an election period (pdf)

April, 2024


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