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Our institution

Research, projects, studies, and surveys


Élections Québec applies its expertise to research in order to improve understanding of electoral issues, and contribute to the maintenance of Québec's democratic culture. The Election Act also gives us the power to conduct studies related to our mission. We also occasionally receive specific mandates from the Assemblée nationale.

In this section

Guided by our values of neutrality, independence and impartiality, our research focuses on five main areas that reflect our mission:

  • Electoral participation
  • The financing of political parties and the auditing of election expenses
  • Electoral processes
  • Electoral representation
  • Education on democracy

Our work has several objectives:

  • Supporting and guiding decision making
  • Improving processes, better serving our clientele, and promoting performance
  • Providing legislators with insight on the administration of electoral legislation and supporting our recommendations
  • Sharing our knowledge, maintaining a vision of the future, and anticipating change

Our Research policy (PDF – in French) provides a framework for our research and monitoring activities so that they remain consistent and proactive with our mission, in accordance with our strategic directions and objectives. It also fosters partnerships with the academic and research communities.




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