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Our institution

Training election officers


During provincial, municipal, and school elections, we provide training to election officers so that they can properly assume their roles and responsibilities under Québec’s provincial law.

Provincial elections

  • Returning officer
  • Assistant returning officer
  • Revisor
  • Polling officers
  • Official agent
  • Official representative
  • Party authority
  • Political party

Municipal elections

  • Returning officer (clerk or secretary-treasurer)
  • Municipality with a population of 5,000 people or more
  • Official agent
  • Official representative
  • Authorized independent candidate

School board elections

  • Returning officer (Director General of an English school board)
  • Authorized candidate

Outside Québec

  • Political groups and associations, legal practitioners and staff involved in any of the provincial electoral legislations

Registering for Élections Québec training courses

Please use the online form to register for one of the courses currently offered.

If you need additional information regarding registration for current training courses, please contact the Events and Training Coordination Department by phone at 1-844-644-1090, ext. 3025 or 418-644-1090, ext. 3025. You can also contact them by email at [email protected].

Online training during the election period

For links to the deputy returning officer and poll clerk training, the identity verification panel training and the exam, contact the returning officer or assistant returning officer of the electoral division in which you were hired.

Other resources

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