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Relations with Canada’s electoral administrations


In Canada, fourteen electoral administrations are responsible for organizing and conducting elections. Each of these administrations is responsible for enforcing its respective election laws. Élections Québec works closely with its counterparts in order to exchange on best practices and remain on the cutting edge of knowledge in matters of electoral administration.

Canada has 14 electoral administrations:

  • Elections Canada is responsible for organizing federal elections across Canada.
  • Each of the 10 provinces and three territories has an electoral body, such as Élections Québec, that is responsible for holding elections in its territory

Canada’s electoral administrations share their experiences through various forums of exchange. Additionally, during provincial and federal elections, hosting and visiting programs are organized so that the various administrations can observe and discuss the electoral practices of their counterparts in the field.

One of the main forums for pan-Canadian exchange on elections is the Conference of Canadian Election Officials (CCEO). The Chief Electoral Officers meet annually to learn about developments in Canadian electoral systems, gather information from other administrations, and share best practices on elections.

Compendium of Election Administration in Canada

Since 1999, Canada’s electoral administrations have shared their various electoral laws and practices. This information is collected in the Compendium of Election Administration in Canada.

This tool makes it possible to compare the main provisions of Canadian electoral laws, such as the process for revising electoral maps, the entry of electors on the lists of electors, the voting process, the filing of nomination papers, the registration of political parties, election financing, etc. This compendium archives old versions of electoral laws, making it possible to follow the evolution of Canadian electoral laws since 1999.

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