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Our institution

Mission, values, and mandates


Our institution is impartial and independent. Its mission is to ensure the integrity, transparency, and reliability of elections, and to contribute to the vitality of Québec democracy.

In this section

Our values

  • Impartiality and independence: performing our duties and making our decisions free from influence and partisanship
  • Integrity: affirming our unwavering commitment to democratic principles
  • Transparency: communicating all our activities in an open and accessible manner
  • Fairness: ensuring the fair application of the legislation and procedures for which we are responsible

Our main mandates

Organizing elections

  • Organizing elections and provincial referendums
  • Supporting and training returning officers during municipal and school elections
  • Managing the permanent list of electors

Overseeing political financing

  • Authorizing political parties and candidates
  • Training official agents and official representatives of political parties
  • Managing the public and popular funding of political parties and candidates
  • Auditing the financial reports and election expenses of political parties

Providing information

  • Providing information to electors
  • Educating about democracy
  • Running voting awareness campaigns

Conducting inquiries and prosecutions

  • Conducting inquiries initiated by the Chief Electoral Officer or at the request of an individual
  • Conducting prosecutions

Improving electoral processes

  • Conducting studies and research
  • Consulting
  • Making recommendations
  • Seeking improvement through international cooperation, partnerships, and the exchange of best practices

The Chief Electoral Officer

Our institution was created in 1945. It is headed by the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec.

The Assemblée nationale appoints a Chief Electoral Officer via a motion adopted with two-thirds approval. This appointment process is provided for in the Election Act.

Other resources

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