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Citizen round table: at the heart of political financing information

29 July 2021

Categories: Institutional

Political financing has been at the heart of Citizen round table meetings over the past few months. Recently, information on political financing occupied another half-day meeting between the table members and Élections Québec.

For many members of the Citizen round table, it would be wise to better inform the public on the specifics of Québec’s political financing system. In their opinion, the system appears to be exemplary in many respects. Some have even suggested highlighting what differentiates the Québec model from other models.   

For example, table members believe that Élections Québec should prioritize issues such as the election expense limit as well as the different and cutting-edge approach of the Québec political financing system.

Read the abridged minutes of this meeting to for more information on this subject and the discussion that members of the Citizen round table had on other aspects of political financing.

Citizen round table

The Citizen round table is a space for reflection and discussion that aims to promote citizen participation and feed our reflection in electoral matters. The members, twelve electors appointed for a two-year term, give us their opinion, in an impartial and non-partisan manner, on questions relating to the Québec election system, in the interest of the Québec population.

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