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Citizen round table: Members’ views on holding elections during a pandemic

4 May 2021

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On October 30, 2020, during their first online meeting, members of the Citizen round table discussed holding elections during a pandemic. On this occasion, they expressed their opinion on the accommodation measures considered by Élections Québec. They also discussed the messages to be conveyed to electors in the that context as well as the preferred means of communication to inform them of the measures in place.

Accommodation measures considered

Numerous measures are currently being considered to facilitate the holding of provincial general elections during the health crisis. Therefore, Élections Québec invited the members of the Citizen round table to take a citizen’s view on these important issues.

During the meeting, the members of the round table expressed their concern about the postponement of elections in the red zone. The members are of the opinion that if an electoral process has been initiated, it should be continued. 

The discussion covered several other topics, such as election officers as well as voting locations, days and options. Most members supported some of the accommodations that Élections Québec is considering in the context of a pandemic, including:

  • The decrease in the number of election officers;
  • The increase in the voting locations and days;
  • The diversification of voting options.

The means of communication

The members of the Citizen round table also spoke about the best ways to communicate with electors during the election period.

While opinions were mixed as to whether electors would be interested in the upcoming provincial general elections, many members felt that the tone of the Élections Québec campaign should be positive. Members of the round table also indicated that the campaign would benefit from reminding electors of the importance of voting and emphasizing the health measures in place to reassure them.

Read the abridged minutes of this meeting to learn more about the members of the Citizen round table discussion on holding elections during a pandemic.

The Citizen round table is a space for reflection and discussion that aims to promote citizen participation and feed our reflection in electoral matters. The members, twelve electors appointed for a two-year term, give us their opinion, in an impartial and non-partisan manner, on questions relating to the Québec election system, in the interest of the Québec population.

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