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Citizen round table: Reflections on the communication campaign for municipal general elections, directives for election officers and the secure online application for entry on the list of electors service

20 May 2021

Categories: Institutional

On November 13, 2020, at the second online meeting of the Citizen round table, members studied three major projects of Élections Québec: the communication campaign for the 2021 municipal general elections, the directives for election officers and the secure online application for entry on the permanent list of electors service. As a result, they commented on the work accomplished or planned by various Élections Québec teams in order to provide a citizen’s perspective on each project.

Communication campaign for the municipal general elections

Élections Québec has presented the preliminary orientations of its communication campaign for the municipal general elections. The two main objectives of the campaign are to inform electors about certain steps of the municipal electoral process and to introduce them to municipal democracy. 

The discussions highlighted the idea of informing the public about municipal issues and the impact of elected officials’ decisions on people’s daily lives. Members also suggested informing the electorate about the voting process, using positive campaign messages and a variety of communication methods to reach all socio-demographic groups.

Directives for election officers during provincial elections

Élections Québec also presented to the members the new document describing the directives for election officers during provincial elections. This document has been revised to make it more relevant to election officers, easier to use, more attractive and simpler to work with. This revision also reduced the number of documents produced.

Members noted the clarity, precision, simplicity and visual qualities of the document. They made a few suggestions for improvement, such as adding quick references to the table of contents and creating a glossary of words used or a list of keywords.

Online application for entry on the permanent list of electors service 

Members were invited to review the secure online application for entry on the register of electors of the permanent list of electors.

This service would ensure that electors provide all the necessary information, guarantee the secure transmission of copies of required identification documents and speed up the processing of applications.

Members said they would use this online service for several reasons, including its quickness and simplicity. Some members noted that it would be important to keep other options open for electors who would rather not do this type of operation online.

Read the abridged minutes of this meeting to learn more about the discussions of members of the Citizen round table during the November 13, 2020, meeting.

Citizen round table

The Citizen round table is a space for reflection and discussion that aims to promote citizen participation and feed our reflection in electoral matters. The members, twelve electors appointed for a two-year term, give us their opinion, in an impartial and non-partisan manner, on questions relating to the Québec election system, in the interest of the Québec population.

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