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Élections Québec studying online voting

23 August 2019

Categories: Institutional, Voting

We are currently studying online voting, a voting method that could allow electors to vote remotely from the location of their choice using an electronic device connected to the Internet, such as a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The purpose of our study is to provide a full and neutral overview of the advantages and issues associated with the introduction of online voting, for not only provincial elections, but also municipal and school elections. In studying the various aspects, we wish especially to:

  • Identify issues surrounding the introduction of online voting, by looking at the existing literature as well as experiences with online voting in Canada and elsewhere in the world.
  • Assess the impacts of introducing online voting to the Québec election system.
  • Examine the technological risks and the measures and mechanisms available to date to manage, limit and avoid such risks.
  • Determine the expectations of the electorate, evaluate their risk tolerance in relation to online voting and measure the social acceptability of this voting method.

Public consultations

Such a study cannot be done without voter input. Accordingly, we will consult the Québec public in fall 2019. Three consultation methods will be used:

  • A telephone opinion poll during the month of September 2019.
  • An online consultation from September 16 to November 3, 2019.
  • A citizen panel comprising 16 members to discuss online voting and give an opinion in November 2019.

National Assembly Mandate

We undertook to carry out this study after being mandated to do so by the Québec National Assembly in June 2018. We will table our findings to the National Assembly in June 2020 and report on the various consultations we have conducted.

Watch for more news! Soon, the whole population will have the opportunity to take part in this reflection by participating in the online consultation.

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