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Voters in training: small polling stations results

3 December 2019

Categories: By-election, Democracy education, Provincial

Tying in with the Jean-Talon by-election, small polling stations were set up for children alongside the regular polling stations. After watching their parents cast their ballots, children could take their turns doing so in specially-designed polling stations.

A total of 654 future electors voted for one of four possible responses to the question “What’s most important for you?”:

  • Helping others – 56.8%
  • Being respected – 23.4%
  • Expressing your ideas – 11.5%
  • Being different – 8.3%

This was the fourth time that small polling stations were set up for children during a by-election. In 2018 in Roberval, 400 young people took part, while in 2017, 739 did so in Louis-Hébert and 709 in Gouin. The most popular response in each of these by-elections was “Helping others”.

For the provincial election held on October 1, 2018, small polling stations were set up in each of the 125 electoral divisions. On that occasion, 179,174 children responded to the question “Why do you think it is important to vote?” The most popular response was “So that each person’s ideas are heard”.


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