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Voting accessibility

Reading difficulties


We have created tools to make voting easier for people who have difficulty reading and to meet the needs of literacy organizations.


To vote, you must be on the list of electors. Check your registration online now or on your notice of entry. If your name is not listed or you notice an error, you have until 2 p.m. [date -4] to correct the situation. After that, it will be too late!

Simplified guide for provincial election

This simple, illustrated guide explains how to vote.

To know how to vote, you can also view our Voting procedure (PDF) poster.

Posters with photos of each candidate

At your polling place, you will see posters with pictures of the candidates in your electoral division. The photos are in the same order as on the ballot.

Ballot with photos of each candidate

The ballot includes black and white photographs of each candidate next to their name, making it easier for you to identify the person for whom you want to vote.

Other resources

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