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International activities

Since 1992, the Directeur général des élections du Québec has been able, with the government's authorization, to provide his assistance and cooperation in the electoral field.

As an independent institution reporting to the National Assembly of Québec, the Directeur général des élections du Québec plays an active role internationally by sharing his electoral expertise with countries and international organizations devoted to the promotion of democracy and the well-being of individuals.

In so doing, the Directeur général des élections du Québec wants to contribute to the development of knowledge and the strengthening of electoral systems. He relies on the custom-tailored transfer of his expertise to support election officials in their efforts to consolidate electoral processes.

Already in 1985, the Institution was collaborating in missions at the international level and was hosting delegations and visitors from various countries.

You can consult the list of missions and the list of the Hosting of delegations and foreign visitors. (In French)

Recent missions

Electoral assistance mission to Madagascar

From November 7 to 18, a representative of the Directeur général des élections du Québec conducted an electoral assistance mission to Madagascar. This mission was carried out with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Independent National Electoral Commission of Madagascar, as part of a partnership in support of the pre-election activities of the 2018 elections.

Mission in Ethiopia

From September 29 to October 1, 2016, the International IDEA, the African Union Commission, the International Organization of la Francophonie (IOF) and the Réseau des compétences électorales francophones (RECEF) jointly organized a technical workshop on civil records and elections in Africa, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This major international event brought together over 75 participants from some 30 countries of Francophone, Anglophone, Lusophone and Arabic Africa.

For the occasion, the Directeur général des élections du Québec was represented by three people. Through its role as Secretary General of the RECEF, it coordinated a part of the event and hosted a part of the training provided to participants.

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Most Recent Welcoming Activities

Reception of the president of the RECEF

On November 23, 2016, the Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, as part of his functions as secretary general of the Réseau des compétences électorales francophones (RECEF), coordinated a working meeting between the president of the RECEF, on a mission to Québec as representative of the secretary general of La Francophonie, and Canadian partners specialized in offering services and computer support in elections.

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