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Simulated elections for Voters in Training: It’s time to register!

14 June 2022

Categories: Column

Provincial elections are just around the corner! Since electors are going to make their voices heard, why not give young people the opportunity to do the same?

The Voters in Training program aims to raise awareness among young people of how democracy works by introducing them to their right to vote. It allows schools and youth organizations to hold a simulated election for youth, who vote for candidates in their electoral division.

From May 30 to September 16, 2022, schools and youth organizations interested in the program can register by completing the online registration form (in French). Voting materials (ballot boxes, polling booths, ballot papers) will be sent free of charge and the results will be announced the day after the actual elections. You’ll be able to compare your simulated election results with the official results!

There are also educational activities to prepare youth for the electoral process before the simulated election takes place. These activities are part of the Québec Education Program, so they are ideal for teachers who help their students learn about exercising their right to vote and civic commitment.

Experience the program: prepare tomorrow’s electors for democracy!