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Democracy education

Voters in training


Voters in Training is a voter education program that lets young people experience the excitement of an election simulation. In addition to the Small Polling Station, the program includes a component for schools and organizations.

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Schools and organizations

An opportunity to learn and experience democracy through a simulation!

The program provides an original and dynamic way for elementary (cycle 3) and secondary (general and vocational) teaching staff to introduce democracy education into the classroom. Likewise, youth organizations can give young people a unique, hands-on experience of democracy.

During Voters in Training election simulations, young people vote for candidates running in their electoral division.

This component of the program includes educational activities designed to raise awareness about the importance of voting and civic engagement. In fact, these activities are aligned with the Quebec Education Program!

Voters in Training is offered free of charge throughout Québec, in both English and French (under the name Électeurs en herbe).

The election simulation process

  1. Teaching staff at elementary (cycle 3) and secondary schools, as well as youth organization representatives can register for the Voters in Training program by completing an online form.
  2. Educational activities prepare participating young people for the voting process.
  3. Registered schools receive all required election materials (ballot boxes, polling booths, ballot papers).
  4. Election simulations are held a few days before the real elections.
  5. The results are posted the day after the elections on the Élections Québec website. Young participants can then compare the results of their simulation with those of the real election.

Registration period: May 30 to September 16, 2022

Voters in Training registration form (in French)


Small Polling Stations

Experience democracy as a family!

At election time, we encourage parents to visit the small polling station with their children, who can vote on a question specially designed for them.

Visit the virtual small polling station with your children


  • Small polling stations results – 2022 provincial general election (available as of October 4, 2022)
  • Small virtual polling station results – Marie-Victorin
  • Small virtual polling station results – 2021 municipal general elections (available soon)
  • Small virtual polling station results – Jean-Talon (available soon)
  • Small virtual polling station results – Roberval (available soon)
  • Small virtual polling station results – 2018 provincial general elections (available soon)

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