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Democracy education

Voting in Québec


This program allows francization schools and various organizations to introduce their clients to the Québec election system and the right to vote.

In this section

The Voting in Québec program provides an introduction to Québec’s election system and the voting process. Its different components help participants acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to become engaged citizens and participate in democratic life.

The program is intended for immigrants and new citizens, young people pursuing an alternative life course or living in a remote area, as well as adults pursuing social and professional integration.

It is mainly designed for use by:

  • Francization schools
  • Community organizations
  • Social and professional integration organizations
  • Vocational and adult education centres

Francization Schools And Organizations Supporting Immigrants

Participatory workshop

The Voting in Québec workshop aims to teach newcomers about democratic life and raise their awareness of voting rights.

Facilitated by members of the Élections Québec training team, it consists of three parts:

  • “Welcome to the Voting in Québec workshop,” which introduces participants to representative democracy and the protection of voting rights
  • “The interactive electoral map,” an activity that fosters an understanding of the election process, the electoral map, the voting system and the formation of a government
  • “Mystery election,” an election simulation that allows participants to experience a day of voting (although the simulation is only offered during in-person workshops, the key concepts are still covered in virtual workshops)

The Voting in Québec participatory workshop is offered free of charge, either in-person (2 hours) or online (1.5 hours).

Plan a Voting in Québec workshop (in French)

In-person training sessions depend on the availability of our training team. We will contact you when a trainer plans to visit your area.

Virtual training sessions are offered throughout the year.

Self-contained discussion kit

The Voting in Québec self-contained discussion kit has everything you need to lead your own participatory workshop. This turnkey tool was designed for organizations working with newcomers. It provides stakeholders in organizations with all the tools required to explain Québec’s election system and the voting process.

The kit includes:

  • A step-by-step guide for leading a participatory workshop
  • Theoretical content to help explain key concepts underpinning our democratic institutions
  • All the educational materials needed to complete the workshop
  • All the election materials needed to conduct an election simulation (ballot box, polling booth, ballot papers, etc.)

Order the Voting in Québec self-contained discussion kit (in French)

Our training team is available to offer support and advice to those ordering self-contained discussion kits. Feel free to contact us.

Youth Organizations In Action: Tools For Teaching About Voting Rights

This component of the Voting in Quebec program involves distributing Voting in Québec self-contained discussion kits to professionals who work with young adults pursuing an alternative life course. The kits support a series of four participatory activities designed to introduce young adults to the concepts of voting and elections. This component is offered in partnership with the Secrétariat à la jeunesse.

Discussion kit

In addition to an introductory session on representative democracy and the protection of voting rights, the kit contains everything required to complete the subsequent activities:

  • “Who does what?” explains the different levels of government and their responsibilities.
  • “The interactive electoral map” familiarizes participants with the operation of Québec’s election system.
  • “Every vote counts” emphasizes the importance of voting and democratic standards.
  • “Mystery election” provides an opportunity to vote in an election simulation!

The different activities can be presented one at a time, at a pace that suits your participants. The key is to learn by doing.

Order The Organizations in action : tools for teaching about voting rights discussion kit (In French)

Élections Québec’s training team is available to offer support and advice to those ordering self-contained discussion kits. Feel free to contact us.

Training sessions

Training sessions are being offered in French to youth workers in Québec City, Montréal and certain target regions.

During the three-hour training session, participants can:

  • Discover the contents of the discussion kit
  • Learn to use the different tools
  • Familiarize themselves with information on how our democracy works
  • Ask questions to the Élections Québec team

At the end of the training session, each participant will receive a discussion kit.

New Citizens

The information provided on this page aims to help people who have recently become citizens understand and exercise their voting rights.

New citizens

Other resources

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