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Democracy education

Voting in Québec


This program allows francization schools and various organizations to introduce their clients to the Québec election system and the right to vote.

In this section

Voting in Québec allows newcomers to become familiar with the Québec election system. It also allows young people with different life paths and adults in training to learn how to exercise their right to vote. It is particularly intended for:

  • Francization schools
  • Vocational training centres
  • Social and professional integration organizations
  • Community organizations.

Participatory workshop

The purpose of the Voting in Québec participatory workshop is to introduce various clienteles to democracy, fundamental freedoms and the role of Élections Québec. These concepts are explored in interactive activities covering:

  • The election process in Québec
  • The composition of the government
  • Exercise of the right to vote
  • The conduct of an election
  • An election simulation (in-person workshops only).

The Voting in Québec participatory workshop is offered free of charge, in person (2 hours) or online (1.5 hours), depending on the availability of our training team.

Plan a Voting in Québec workshop (in French).

Self-contained discussion kit

The Voting in Québec self-contained discussion kit allows you to self conduct the participatory workshop. This turnkey tool provides stakeholders in organizations with all the necessary tools to explain the Québec election system and the exercise of the right to vote.

The kit includes:

  • A step-by-step discussion guide that will guide you through the participatory workshop discussion.
  • Theoretical content to help you explain some of our democracy’s concepts.
  • The educational material required to conduct the workshop.
  • The election material required to perform an election simulation (ballot box, polling booth, ballot papers, etc.).

This toolkit was designed for organizations working with newcomers. However, you can adapt its content according to the needs of your organization.

Order the Voting in Québec self-contained discussion kit (in French)

Our training team is available to accompany and advise you when you order a self-contained discussion kit. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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