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Democracy education

Behind the scenes of an election


This program provides secondary school students with the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at an election day in their electoral division.

It introduces students to democracy by allowing them to witness the steps required for an efficient election day. The Behind the scenes of an election program takes place during a provincial by-election.

How it Works

  1. Secondary school students in each electoral division holding a by-election are invited to get a behind-the-scenes look at an election. 
  2. The students selected for the program receive a checklist that summarizes the election activities in their division. 
  3. On polling day, students start by seeing their school be transformed into a polling station. They then observe all electoral activities being carried out. The program also includes visits to various polling places, lunch with the Chief Electoral Officer, a visit to the office of the Returning Officer, a simulated counting of the votes and a workshop on civic engagement.
  4. Throughout the day, students are encouraged to share their first-hand experience of democracy on social media. 

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Follow the students’ journey through the messages posted and shared on our Facebook page and on Twitter using hashtag #CoulissesÉlection (in French).

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