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Voting in Québec

New citizens


Congratulations! You have just become a Canadian citizen. Now you can get ready to exercise your election rights! The information presented here will help you exercise your right to vote.

In this section

Learn more about democracy and elections

Democracy is a political system that allows electors to vote to elect candidates to represent them and make decisions in the government on their behalf.

Understanding the vote

Voting is a simple action that keeps democracy alive. Discover all the facets of voting.

The list of electors

To vote, you must be entered on the list of electors for your domiciliary address.

Get involved with and participate in our democracy

There are many ways to get involved in an election.

Learn, understand and experience democracy

Discover a variety of educational programs and content about elections, the right to vote and participating in democracy.

Register for a Voting in Québec information session

Voting in Québec information sessions are offered on the first Wednesday of each month. It takes place online. It lasts 60 minutes and is facilitated by a member of the Democracy Education Department. It allows you to understand how elections work and to learn everything you need to know to exercise your right to vote.

At this information session, you will learn about:

  • How the election works (the political system, how the electoral map is divided, the voting system)
  • The polling proceedings (entry on the list of electors, different voting options, identification to bring when you vote, steps in the voting process)

Information about the session

  • Language: French
  • Date: 1st Wednesday of each month
  • Time: 7 p.m.
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Location: online (the link will be sent to you after your registration)

To register

Fill out the registration form (in French)

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