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Democracy has been at the centre of our activities for 75 years!

7 June 2020

Categories: Institutional

Élections Québec celebrates its 75th anniversary on June 7, 2020. We’ve come a long way since 1945! The fact that Quebecers can select their representatives by means of free and fair elections is one of the cornerstones of our democracy. Indeed, safeguarding democracy is our main focus and the most important aspect of our mission. Drawing on its 75 years of experience, Élections Québec keeps on standing guard over Québec’s democratic system.


When Élections Québec was established in 1945, the provincial map consisted of 92 electoral divisions (there are now 125). Voting in the advance poll was reserved for certain categories of workers or clergy members. The position of Chief Returning Officer, now the Chief Electoral Officer, was designed to ensure the neutrality of the process and to develop specific electoral expertise. Since 1945, general elections have been held on the same day throughout the province.

Our mission in 2020

In carrying out our mission, which has expanded significantly since 1945, we strive to ensure the integrity, transparency and reliability of provincial elections. In addition to organizing elections and referendums, Élections Québec fulfills various responsibilities in the area of political financing; provides support to persons in charge of municipal and school elections; oversees the permanent list of electors; provides voters with information; and promotes Québec’s democratic values, in particular by offering democracy education services. Élections Québec is also vested with investigative and prosecutorial powers and provides electoral assistance and works collaboratively at the international level.

Elections are the main focus of our mission, and they require a good deal of teamwork! During provincial general elections, we rely on the support of our 125 returning officers (one in each electoral division), together with a workforce of 80,000 election officers. Through their combined efforts, electors in Québec are able to exercise their right to vote.

Thank you to everyone who plays a role, no matter how small, in promoting democracy in Québec!

For further information on Élections Québec’s history, please consult our timeline.

Democracy has been at the centre of our activities for 75 years!

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