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It’s important to vote!

22 October 2021

Categories: General election, Municipal, Voting

On the eve of the voting period for the 2021 municipal general election, we want to remind you how important it is to vote.

For several months now, hundreds of people have been working hard for you to be able to vote for candidates for the mayor and city councillor positions in your municipality.

They have several reasons for putting so much energy into preparing for municipal general elections. Voting is both a right and a duty. Each citizen who votes:

  • Actively participates in the health of Québec democracy;
  • Contributes to building a fair and equitable society.

The proper management of our municipalities concerns us all. The following municipal services, for example, are at the heart of our daily lives.

  • Fire and police services
  • Recycling, garbage collection and composting
  • Snow removal
  • Street maintenance and cleaning
  • Land use planning, grounds maintenance and beautification of places
  • Libraries
  • Support services (social housing, soup kitchens, collective kitchens, thrift stores)
  • The youth centres and Golden Age clubs
  • Municipal parks (playgrounds, skateparks, etc.) and infrastructures reserved for various sports (such as tennis, soccer, baseball, petanque and hiking trails)
  • Bike paths
  • Sports complexes
  • Cultural programming
  • Sports and leisure programming

Remember that the broadest possible participation is essential for the health of our democracy, which should never be taken for granted. We all have a role to play in promoting electoral participation. So let’s vote on November 7!

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