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Provincial elections: To vote, you need to be entered on the list of electors

7 September 2022

Categories: General election, Provincial, Voting

Make sure your name is on the notice of entry you received in the mail or confirm your entry online. If necessary, you have until September 19 to submit an online application for entry or to change your entry. You also have the option of appearing in person before the board of revisors by September 29. See your notice of entry for the address.

There are several ways of verifying whether your name is entered on the list of electors. Find out more on the web page dedicated to the topic.

Be careful! You cannot apply for entry or change your information on election day. That is only possible during federal elections.

Don’t wait until October 3 to apply for entry! By then, it will be too late.

For complete election information, visit our website at

On October 3, let’s reverse the trend.
Let’s all vote

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