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The voters in training have spoken!

7 October 2022

Categories: Democracy education, General election, Provincial

Simulated elections

Almost 186,000 youth lived an election experience through the Voters in Training program. Between September 26 and 30, thousand of youths voted for the candidate of their choice from among those running in the electoral division of their school or youth organization. They were even able to witness the unveiling of the results live at an election night party organized by the As de l’info (in French).

The votes cast by these Voters in Training have been tallied and the results are now available.

Find out if the youth in your municipality chose the same Member as the adults!

Small polling stations

What do you do to show you’re a good citizen? That’s what we asked the children who visited the small polling stations. During the advance poll days and on October 3, children in all 125 electoral divisions were able to vote as well! Accompanied by their parents, they answered this question specifically designed for them.

The majority of them answered I provide help those who need it. 

View the full results!

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