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Two educational resources for understanding provincial elections

20 September 2022

Categories: Democracy education, General election, Provincial

The election campaign is dominating headlines in Québec and piquing the interest of young people! Even if they’re still too young to vote, they often have plenty of questions about elections and political issues. Élections Québec has helped develop two educational resources designed for addressing these sometimes complex topics with young people.

Les As de l’info

This digital platform, created by the Coops de l’information, aims to make the news accessible to young people. Currently, a special feature provides clear explanations of issues related to the provincial election campaign. Other highlights include a video on the voting process, which we helped produce, and information on the Voters in Training program. This intuitive and entertaining platform is perfectly suited to younger Internet users.

Le Curieux

Together, Élections Québec and Le Curieux have produced a special feature on the 2022 provincial elections. The content, designed for young people aged 12 to 18, aims to demystify the workings of provincial elections. In addition to addressing the role of elected officials and candidates, it explains all the steps involved in the voting process. 

You can access this special feature on our website or order the materials free of charge on the Le Curieux website.

These two educational resources are great options for talking to young people about democracy. They are ideally suited for use by educators and parents.

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