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Understanding democracy and elections

Elections by the numbers


Millions of electors, information cards and ballot papers… Discover the full magnitude of the 43rd provincial general election, scheduled for October 3, 2022.

6,301,113 electors entered on the list of electors

It would take almost 350 hockey stadiums to hold that many people.

4,300,600 notices of entry and even more reminder cards sent by mail

Placed end-to-end, these documents would cover about 2,184 kilometres! That’s equivalent to the combined height of ten thousand buildings like the one at 1000 De La Gauchetière Street West in Montréal (the tallest skyscraper in Québec).

More than 81,600 interactions between the Élections Québec information center and electors

Each interaction lasted an average of five minutes. This means a single person would spend more than nine months, 24 hours a day, responding to inquiries received during the general election period.

Nearly 2,500,000 blank sheets used to produce ballot papers

That’s equivalent to 25 million sheets of letter-sized paper. It would take an entire year to print all the ballot papers needed for the 2022 provincial election using an ordinary computer printer.

910 pallets used to transport election materials

Over the course of four days, forty tractor trailers and twenty cube vans were loaded with election materials, before travelling thousands of kilometres to destinations throughout Québec.

More than 23,000 ballot boxes for advance polling and voting on polling day

These ballot boxes are used at 3,895 different polling places.

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