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Understanding democracy and elections

Elections by the numbers


Millions of electors, information cards and ballots... Learn more about the full scale of the 42nd provincial general election held in 2018.

6,169,772 voters were registered on the list of electors for this election

It would take more than 300 hockey arenas to accommodate all those people.

4,065,594 information cards and as many reminder cards were sent by mail

Stacked one on top of another, these cards would reach over two kilometres high! To compare, that would be ten buildings the height of 1000 rue De La Gauchetière West in Montreal—the tallest skyscraper in Quebec!

More than 80,000 telephone calls were taken at the Élections Québec information centre

Each call lasted an average of three and a half minutes. This means a single person would have to spend more than six months on the telephone, 24 hours a day, to answer the calls received by Élections Québec during the general election period.

Nearly 2,500,000 sheets of paper were used to print the ballot papers

That’s the equivalent of 25 million letter-size sheets of paper. With a standard home printer, it would take a full year to print the ballot papers for the 2018 provincial general election.

650 pallets were used for transporting the election materials

Dozens of trucks travelled thousands of kilometres across Quebec to transport all this equipment.

20,944 ballot boxes

These ballot boxes were distributed to 3,061 polling locations.

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