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Understanding democracy and elections

Democracy is a political system that allows electors to vote to elect the candidates who will represent them and make decisions on their behalf in government.

Québec’s electoral systems

In Québec, electors vote in federal, provincial, municipal and school elections.

Election period milestones

Each election period has key moments in which electors can exercise their right to vote, run for office, or apply to work in the elections.

How the list of electors works

The permanent list of electors is a computerized registry that contains information on electors in Québec who have agreed to be registered.

Elections by the numbers

Millions of electors, information cards and ballot papers… Discover the full magnitude of the 43rd provincial general election, scheduled for October 3, 2022.


In Québec, referendums are consultative. They have been governed by the Referendum act since 1978.

Election signs

In Québec, election laws do not restrict the display of signs outside of an election period. However, as soon as an election is called, several rules must be followed.

The media’s role during elections

Free and independent media are an essential component of any democratic society. They enjoy significant freedom under electoral legislation.

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