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Understanding political financing

Advertising during a provincial election period


Advertising by political parties and candidates is considered an election expense if it is used during the election period.

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Advertising can be disseminated through a variety of media:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Newspaper
  • Pamphlets
  • Posters
  • Signs
  • Buttons
  • Web and social networks
  • Any other advertising material on traditional media or using information and communication technologies

Identifying the advertisement

In accordance with the Election Act, all advertisements or advertising materials must be identified as follows:

Type of advertisement Required identification
Advertising copy, object or material Official agent’s name and title
Name of manufacturer or printer
Newspaper advertisement Official agent’s name and title
Radio or television advertisement Official agent’s name and title must be provided at the beginning or end of the message
Social media advertisement Official agent’s name and title on each paid advertisement
Website post Official agent’s name and title

The official agents of several candidates in the same region may join together to share the cost of an advertising expense. In that case, the name and title of each official agent associated with the expense must be stipulated. In certain cases, the official agents’ names and titles may be replaced with the name and title of the party’s official agent.

Improperly identified advertising

If an advertisement is improperly identified, the expense will be considered non-compliant with the Act, but it is still an election expense. The official agent must attach the following documents to the return of election expenses:

A political party or candidate using advertising material that is not identified in accordance with the Act shall not be reimbursed by the Chief Electoral Officer for that expense.

An official agent (or official agent’s deputy) who allows an election-related advertisement to be broadcast without the required information may be subject to a $500 to $10,000 fine.

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