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Voting accessibility

Reduced mobility or motor skills


On advance polling days, all polling stations are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. On election day, the majority of polling stations are also accessible to persons with reduced mobility. If your polling station is not accessible on election day, you can obtain permission to vote at another polling station in your electoral division.


To vote, your name must be on the list of electors. Check your entry online now or on your notice of entry. If your name is not listed or you notice an error, you have until 2  p.m. [date -4] to correct the situation. After that, it will be too late!

Site accessibility

  • To register your name on the list of electors, or to change your entry information, all offices are accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • For advance voting, all polling stations are accessible.
  • To vote on election day, most polling stations are accessible.
  • See the criteria for evaluating the accessibility of polling place.

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