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How to run as a candidate

See field: school board

Choosing of a position

A person can run for only one position on the municipal council.

Admission condition

To do so, during a general election, the person must have the right to be entered on the municipality’s list of electors and must have resided within that territory continuously or otherwise for at least the last 12 months on September 1 of the year of the general election or, in the case of a by-election, for at least the last 12 months on the date of publication of the notice of election.

Required form

A nomination paper may be obtained from the office of the returning officer of the municipality.

Grouping allowed

In the case of municipalities subject to the rules governing the financing of political parties (municipalities with a population of 5 000 or more), candidates can join together in authorized parties. As for the other municipalities, candidates can form tickets recognized by the returning officer.

Period for submitting nomination papers

The period during which the person may file his duly completed nomination paper along with the appropriate documents at the office of the returning officer begins on the 44th day and ends at 4:30 p.m. on the 30th day preceding the day set for the election. Be sure to check the days and times when the office of your returning officer is open.