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Characteristics of the election financing

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In Québec, political financing and the control of election expenses are subject to principles of fairness and transparency.

Principle of fairness

The principle of fairness is given tangible form by offering all candidates and parties the possibility of obtaining financial means to express themselves while reserving for electors the right to make contributions.

This principle is also reflected in the limiting of election expenses, thereby offering all candidates an equal chance of being elected.

Principle of transparency

As for the principle of transparency, it is given tangible form in the filing of financial reports and returns of election expenses, the data of which are made public.

Main rules

Here is a summary of the rules governing financing and the control of election expenses:

  • an authorization is required to collect contributions, incur expenses or contract loans;
  • only electors have the right to make contributions;
  • the election expenses of political parties and candidates are limited;
  • the public must be informed of the sources of financing and the expenses by way of reports and returns.

These principles are formulated in the Election Act.