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2018 Provincial General Election in Numbers

6,169,772 electors entered on the list of electors

We would need 300 hockey amphitheaters to receive all of these electors.

4,065,594 notices of entry and as many reminder cards sent out by mail

If put in one pile, these information cards would reach over two kilometres high! That’s the equivalent of ten buildings similar to the building at 1000 rue De La Gauchetière Ouest in Montréal, the highest skyscraper in Québec.


80,000 telephone calls answered by the Élections Québec information centre

With each call lasting an average of three minutes and 30 seconds, one person alone would spend over six months on the phone, 24 hours a day, answering all the calls received by Élections Québec during the general election period!


2,500,000 sheets of professional printer paper to produce the ballots

That’s the equivalent of 25 million pages in letter format. Using a standard personal printer, it would have taken an entire year to print the ballot papers for the 2018 provincial general election.

650 skids to ship all the election material

Dozens of trucks travelled thousands of kilometres to the four corners of Québec to ensure the on-time delivery of all the election material.

20,944 ballot boxes on polling day

These ballot boxes were used at 3,061 different polling locations.