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How to Run as a Candidate

A person may run as a candidate for a specific political party or as an independent candidate. The procedure is the same, with one difference: an independent candidate must obtain the Chief Electoral Officer's authorization if he or she wishes to solicit and collect contributions, contract loans or incur expenses, even if they are only minor expenses paid for out of his or her own funds.

Filing nomination papers

With a few exceptions, anyone who has the right to vote can be elected to the National Assembly.

You may file your nomination papers, in a single electoral division, during the first two weeks of the election period. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Obtain the nomination form at the office of the returning officer in the electoral division where you wish to run for election.
  2. Obtain the support of at least 100 electors in the electoral division and collect their names, addresses and signatures using the form.
  3. Prepare the documents to be enclosed with the form:
    1. Take a picture that meets the requirements set out in the Nomination Regulation, which you will receive with the nomination form.
    2. Be sure to have in hand one of the following pieces of identification: birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, canadian passport, driver's licence or health insurance card, as well as a copy of any name change order, if applicable.
    3. Obtain a letter from the party leader acknowledging you as a party candidate, if you are the candidate of a political party.

You live in a remote region

Do you want to run for election but your domicile is in a remote region? You might send in your nomination papers by mail, e-mail or fax. During an election period, check whether this provision applies to you by contacting the returning officer in your electoral division.

You run as a candidate in an electoral division other than the one of your domicile

Once your nomination papers have been accepted by the returning officer, you can ask to change your entry on the list of electors so that you can vote in the electoral division where you are running. Simply change your address temporarily to the address of the principal office that you are using for the election.

Obtaining authorization

Before soliciting or collecting contributions, contracting a loan or incurring expenses, a person who is running as an independent candidate must obtain the Chief Electoral Officer's authorization.

Refer to the “Independent Candidate” section of the Élections Québec website to learn more.