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You are outside Québec

Polling outside Québec is conducted by mail. You can register to vote outside the province only if you meet the requirements.

Your request to apply to vote outside Québec can be made starting from now.

There are two options to apply for registration:

In either case, you must enclose copies of two pieces of identification and, if applicable, an attestation of your posting outside Québec.


To vote outside Québec, you must:

  1. Meet the requirements for voting;
  2. Have been domiciled in Québec for at least 12 consecutive months at the time of your departure;
  3. Intend to return to Québec;
  4. Have been outside Québec for two years or less.

    Be posted outside Québec to a position with:

    • the government of Québec or Canada;
    • an international organization of which Québec or Canada is a member and to which it pays a contribution;
    • the Canadian Armed Forces.

Are you posted outside Québec?

Your spouse and dependents who live with you and who meet the requirements for voting can also vote by mail. In this case, you must complete an application to register to vote outside Québec for each person and enclose the attestation of your posting outside Québec.

A primer on voting outside Québec

Once you are registered, you will receive the materials you need to vote:

  1. Instructions on how to vote;
  2. A ballot paper, on which you will write the name of the candidate for whom you wish to vote;
  3. Three envelopes.

The list of candidates is sent to you later.

You must pay the cost of mailing your ballot paper to Québec City: any returns charged to us will be refused. You may choose whichever shipment method suits you best.

Are you coming back to Québec sooner or later than expected?

It's important to keep us informed! You will no longer be able to vote by mail as of the return date that you indicate in your application to register to vote outside Québec. Starting on this date, you will have to vote in Québec at a polling station. If you return sooner than expected without notifying us, you will not be able to vote in Québec: your ballot paper will be sent to your address outside the province.