Legal Action Taken by the Chief Electoral Officer - Guilty Plea

November 29, 2005

Québec City, November 29, 2005 – The Chief Electoral Officer of Québec, Me Marcel Blanchet, would like to inform the public that a guilty plea was entered in a case concerning a violation of the Act Respecting School Elections.

School Election of November 16, 2003, in Montréal

In April 2005 in Montréal, Mrs Manon Ricard failed to file an additional financial report to the schoolboard’s general manager while she was an authorized candidate for the school election of November 16, 2003.

Under the Act Respecting School Elections, when an authorized candidate still has debts when filing his or her financial report, the candidate has to file an additional financial report. In this case, the report had to be filed latest April 1, 2005.

Mrs Manon Ricard pled guilty to the charges laid against her and paid a $250 fine.

Categories : School Board, Infractions of the ASE