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Over $11 million in election expenses during the 2021 municipal elections

11 April 2023

Categories: Financing, expenses, and contributions, General election, Municipal

Since 2016, the Election Act provides that Élections Québec must produce an annual report that provides an overview of political financing actions and outlines the work planned for the coming year. The Financement politique : bilan et perspectives 2022 report, which was recently tabled, presents the expenditures of political parties and independent candidates in municipalities with a population of 5,000 or more during the 2021 municipal elections.

In February 2022, municipal political entities were required to file their return of election expenses following the municipal general elections on November 7, 2021. Political parties were required to file their annual financial reports by April 1. We review or audit these reports. Below are some of the financial data from these reports.

Election expenses by population stratum
Population Political parties Authorized independent candidates
5,000 to 19,999 inhabitants $683,440 $959,513
20,000 to 49,999 inhabitants $666,196 $876,931
50,000 to 99,999 inhabitants $938,361 $451,002
100,000 inhabitants or more $5,749,182 $870,231
Total $8,037,179 $3,157,677
Revenues of political parties by population stratum
Population Own-source revenue Public financing Total
5,000 to 19,999 inhabitants $464,563 $449,138 $913,702
20,000 to 49,999 inhabitants $384,232 $455,336 $839,568
50,000 to 99,999 inhabitants $508,093 $789,165 $1,297,258
100,000 inhabitants or more $2,655,696 $7,558,634 $10,214,330
Total $4,012,584 $9,252,274 $13,264,857

In addition, following the 2021 municipal general elections, we conducted a retrospective to propose amendments to the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (AERM).

Our 27 recommendations have the following objectives:

  • Amending certain provisions of the AERM to harmonize them with those of the Elections Act;
  • Simplifying certain processes to facilitate the application of the AERM;
  • Increasing transparency and promoting the accountability of political stakeholders;
  • Updating certain provisions of the AERM.

These recommendations are explained in the political financing report.

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