The Chief Electoral Officer forwards lists of qualified electors to be used in the preparation of referendum lists

March 8, 2004

Québec City, March 8, 2004 – The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) has forwarded, to the clerks and secretary-treasurers of the 42 municipalities concerned by the referendum process, the 213 lists of qualified electors to be used in the preparation of referendum lists for the registration process provided for in the Act respecting the consultation of citizens with respect to the territorial reorganization of certain municipalities.

The lists contain the names of persons registered as domiciled electors, on March 1, 2004, on the permanent list of electors for each of the 213 sectors concerned (former municipalities), and the names of persons who will have reached majority on May 2. A total of 3,162,670 persons are registered.

The clerks and secretary-treasurers must now prepare the referendum lists by adding to the lists forwarded by the CEO the names of persons entitled to be registered as the owners of buildings or the occupants of business establishments.

It is important to note that joint owners or joint occupants must designate a single person for registration on the referendum list.


The lists will also contain the names of the designated representatives of legal persons that will have applied for registration.

Once the referendum lists have been prepared, the clerks and secretary-treasurers will organize a revision period that will end no later than April 20. The qualified voters in each sector concerned will be asked to present applications for registration, correction or removal from the referendum lists.

The dates on which the registers will be made accessible will be determined and announced by the ministre des Affaires municipales, du Sport et du Loisir. For more information concerning the registration process, media representatives are asked to contact the clerk or secretary-treasurer of the municipality concerned.

Here is a summary of the number of domiciled qualified voters for each of the sectors concerned.

Number of domiciled qualified voters
in each of the former municipalities

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