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Citizen round table: discussion about potential solutions to improve access to voting

15 May 2018

Categories: Institutional, Voting

The members of the Citizen round table met on February 9 to discuss potential solutions aimed at improving voters’ experience regarding three aspects of the voting process:

  • Information provided to voters.
  • Voters’ experience at polling stations.
  • Advance voting options.

Using technology to bring the vote closer to the electors

During this second meeting, the Citizen round table members voiced their desire to use technology to provide more flexibility to voters and to bring polling stations closer to them by using a computerized list of electors and making it possible to vote at any polling station and to register to vote on election day.

Being better informed

The Citizen round table members would like to have access to new means of information, including text message reminders, an interactive online information tool and a platform on our website that would provide background information on candidates. They also suggest working more closely with CEGEPs, universities and student associations to promote voting in educational establishments.

Making the Election Act more flexible

The members pointed out that Québec’s Election Act, which is very precise and formal, limits the Chief Electoral Officer’s scope of action. They would like the Act to be more flexible.

For further information

To learn more about the details of the meeting and the proposed solutions, please refer to the minutes posted on the Citizen round table’s webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-ELECTION (1-888-353-2846) or email us ([email protected]).

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