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Filing the Vote by Mail Assessment Report

8 April 2022

Categories: General election, Municipal, Voting

Today we are posting a new document on our website: the Vote by Mail Assessment Report – Municipal general elections 2021 (in French only).

Produced in collaboration with the returning officers of Québec municipalities, this report outlines the key findings related to the experience of voting by mail in the 2021 municipal general elections.

As part of these elections, the voting by mail extension was the flagship measure of all those taken by the Chief Electoral Officer in the context of COVID-19.

Municipalities were required to offer voting by mail to electors:

  • Residing in eligible health facilities
  • Unable to travel for health reasons
  • Must isolate themselves due to COVID-19

Municipalities could also pass resolutions to allow non-domiciled electors and those 70 years of age or older to vote by mail.

Contents of the report

The report includes unpublished data on the use of voting by mail in municipalities throughout Québec. It also presents the assessment of this measure as well as the difficulties and challenges encountered.

This information will be used to suggest ways to improve this voting procedure for future municipal elections. All electors targeted by this voting procedure will thus be able to benefit from it.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the returning officers for their input and continued contribution to the discussion of this topic.

See the Vote by Mail Assessment Report (PDF –in French) for more information.

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