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Political financing and municipal general elections: What you need to know about political contributions

19 April 2021

Categories: Financing, expenses, and contributions, General election, Municipal

This November, we will have the opportunity to elect the mayors and councillors of our municipalities. There are various rules governing municipal political financing, including political contributions from electors. A contribution can be a gift of money, or else a service rendered or a good provided free of charge.

Maximum amount

An elector may contribute a maximum of $100 per year to each political party and to each authorized independent candidate. However, from the start of a year in which a general election is held, such as this year, the maximum amount increases to $200.

Canvasser’s certificate

The official representative of a political party or of an authorized independent candidate is responsible for soliciting contributions. Any other person who solicits a gift on your behalf must hold a canvasser’s certificate. Ask to see the certificate.

Cash, credit card or cheque

Only contributions of $50 or less can be paid in cash. All contributions of more than $50 must be paid with a personal credit card or personal cheque.


You must be provided with a receipt. You must sign it to certify that:

  • You are making the contribution out of money that belongs to you personally;
  • You are not making the contribution against your will and no one is forcing you to make it;
  • You have not received anything and you will not be receiving anything (e.g., a benefit, gift or service) in exchange for your contribution;
  • You will not be subsequently receiving a refund of the contribution.

Tax credit

All monetary contributions are eligible for a tax credit. The maximum tax credit is $155 (85% of the first $50 and 75% of any additional amounts of up to $150).

To learn more about political contributions, visit our website.

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