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Élections Québec has adopted netiquette guidelines for posts on its social networks. We may take action if these rules are not followed.

We regularly provide neutral, reliable and nonpartisan information on our social platforms. Our social media content serves as a complement to the information on our website.

Our accounts are open to people of all political persuasions. Québec electors of are at the heart of our mission. Promoting the democratic values of Québec society is part of our DNA. That’s why we want to hear from you. Please feel free to start a discussion about citizen participation, ask a question about the elections, give us your opinion on voting, or offer constructive criticism of our services. While we do not systematically respond to all the comments we receive, all your comments and posts are read carefully.

We manage our social media Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During an election period, we are available from Monday to Friday until 9 p.m. and on weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In exceptional or emergency situations, we may extend our hours of service. Under these circumstances, requests are treated on a priority basis and discussions on matters other than the exceptional situation may be delayed or stopped.

Rules of good conduct and moderation

When posting on our social platforms, please follow the same rules of courtesy and respect as when you are having a face-to-face conversation with someone.

We encourage open and respectful exchanges of opinions and discussions. Sharing ideas and discussing is appreciated and encouraged on our platforms. Attacks made upon a person expressing their ideas will not be tolerated. Certain comments made on our social platforms will be deleted without notice, including:

  • Defamatory, hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist, or xenophobic comments
  • Abusive, vulgar, offensive, or simply disrespectful comments
  • Attacks or insults, whether directed at a user, Élections Québec, an officer, a member of its staff, or one of its representatives
  • Statements that violate a law
  • Advertisements as well as propaganda

Incomprehensible, repeatedly posted or completely off-topic comments, as well as comments that violate the codes of civilized digital conversation (excessive capitalization, vulgar emojis, degrading GIFs, etc.) will be deleted if the situation requires.

Statements that violate a law or incite a person to violate a law, such as threats, will be forwarded, without warning, to the appropriate police force.

If a user posts a problematic message, we will delete the message without notice. Should they post a second one, we will send them a warning that any subsequent posts of this type will see them banned from our platforms. If they post a third one, they will be banned without further warning.

Links to other websites are permitted if the content is relevant to the discussion or topic at hand. We do not endorse these third-party sites or their content.

If you wish to post photos or videos on one of our web platforms, please ensure that the files are in the public domain and that you have the permission of the author and the people appearing in them.

We follow some accounts and subscribe to others that are related to our mission or areas of interest to our organization. Our decision to follow a user does not mean that we endorse them.

If we have posted incorrect information about our organization, mission, or activities on our accounts, we will correct or remove it as soon as possible, regardless of the reason for the error.

We respect the confidential information our users have shared and are committed to safeguarding it. However, we recommend that you contact our information centre directly, by e-mail or by telephone, if you have more specific questions, for example if you wish to check your registration on the list of electors or make an address change. We will not deal with a particular case nor a personal issue on social media. To learn more about this subject, please see our Privacy policy.

By posting content on our accounts (testimonials, ideas, scripts, etc.), you grant us the unlimited and free right to use, modify and distribute it. No compensation will be given. We cannot guarantee that your content will be published or re-shared on our accounts. If we decide to do so, we may edit your content for size, length, clarity or in the interest of respecting language.

Some requests, including those listed below, will not generally be handled directly on our social media accounts. We transfer them to the appropriate administrative departments when possible.

Abuse or non-compliance with our netiquette may be reported by contacting our customer service department by telephone at 1-888-ELECTION (1-888-353-2846) or by e-mail at [email protected]. You can send any other questions or comments about our social media presence to this address.

As social media evolves rapidly, we reserve the right to change these rules of use at any time, without notice. Don’t hesitate to check this page regularly.

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