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Educational resources

What is my involvement profile?


Activity on the different forms of involvement including a questionnaire allowing participants to determine their involvement profile. This activity is taken from the Voters in Training election simulation program, but can be used in other educational settings.


  • Discover the different forms of involvement
  • Question the interests and motivations that drives us personally to get involved

Documents and links


  • Type: Educational activity
  • Target audiences: Secondary cycle 1 teachers, Secondary cycle 2 teachers, Youth organization workers
  • School subjects: Ethics and Religious Culture, Contemporary World, History and Citizenship Education
  • Links with the Québec Education Program (QEP):
    • History and Citizenship education:
      • Cycle 2 competency: Constructs his or her consciousness of citizenship through the study of history
    • Broad area of learning: Citizenship and community life
      • Focuses of development: Promotion of the rules of social conduct and democratic institutions and Participation, cooperation and solidarity
    • Cross-curricular competency: Constructs his or her identity
  • Themes: Community engagement, Civic engagement, Involvement, Participation
  • Author: Élections Québec
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