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Voting accessibility

Hearing or visual impairment


If you have a hearing or visual impairment, you can use interpretation services or consult the audio version of the guide for provincial election.


To vote, your name must be on the list of electors. Check your entry online now or on your notice of entry. If your name is not listed or you notice an error, you have until 2 p.m. [date -4] to correct the situation. After that, it will be too late!

Interpretation services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind

We cover the cost of visual and tactile interpretation services required to register or change your entry on the list of electors and to help you vote.

These services are provided in accordance with the policies and availability of the organizations that provide visual and tactile interpretation services. You must check this information in advance with an organization that offers this type of service in your area.

Please consult our guide for provincial election, available in Québec Sign Language.

To find out how to vote, you can also consult our Voting procedure (PDF) poster.

Audio information for the blind and visually impaired

We provide you with the tools required to access all the information concerning voting and your entry on the list of electors. These tools are there to help you vote.

Audio version of the guide for provincial election

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