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2014 Financial reports

Below, you will find the financial reports produced by each of the political parties (and their authorities) for the year that ended December 31, 2014. (Only in French)

2014 financial reports

Financial reports of the political parties

Framework related to the sources and use of funding - DGE-209

Some copies of the framework under this section are not those included in the financial reports filed by April 30, 2015, by official representatives of authorized political parties that you can find above, in the section "Financial reports for the political parties" and in the subsection "Financial reports 2014 (DGE - 6351- V1 (15-06))."

We, in collaboration with each party concerned, made some changes to reflect the exact nature of the amounts paid by the DGE in public funding. The mention amended is marked on the first page of the forms involved.

Framework 2014