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Why Vote?

Are you hesitating to get out and vote? Find out why this simple act is so important!

Voting means . . .

  • Expressing your opinion on issues and decisions that have an impact on your life
  • ontributing to the smooth functioning of our society
  • Electing the MNA responsible for defending your interests and voicing your concerns;
  • Having your say on the way our social programs and collective revenue (which amount to over $100 billion a year) are administered
  • Providing financial assistance for the candidate or political party that express your priorities, because every vote has a monetary value;
  • Preserving the vitality of our democracy

Abstaining from voting means . . .

  • Letting other people choose and decide for you
  • Giving greater power to those who do vote: if 40% of people vote, it means a minority is deciding for the whole population
  • Electing people who may not represent your interests
  • Waiving a right for which other people are still fighting nowadays
  • Letting those who vote decide which political parties will receive the most public financing, since every vote has a monetary value.

Understanding the electoral system