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14 June 2022

Simulated elections for Voters in Training: It’s time to register!

Provincial elections are just around the corner! Since electors are going to make their voices heard, why not give young people the opportunity to do the same? The Voters in Training program aims to raise awareness among young people of how democracy works by introducing them to their right to vote. It allows schools and […]

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4 May 2022

Election calendar, escape room-style workshop

What happens once a provincial election is officially called? What steps need to be taken to ensure electors can vote freely and with complete confidence? Questions like these are especially relevant in the middle of an election year! Élections Québec invites you to find the answers by taking part in an exciting new activity based […]

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1 March 2022

Ideas for helping children discover democracy

Democracy doesn’t just concern grown-ups. It also affects children’s everyday lives, whether at school, at home or in the community. The earlier they learn about democracy, the sooner they can actively engage with it. How can parents stimulate their children’s interest in democracy? Here are a few ideas! Exploring your community Pointing out examples of […]

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