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Since june 1, 2023, our articles are published in French only.

19 September 2022

Explaining elections to young people: Check out this new resource!

Even if they can’t vote yet, young people still have questions about what happens during elections. Les As de l’info is a website that can help them find the answers. It includes a host of articles written especially for them.  This new resource is designed to explain current events to young people aged 8 to […]

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7 June 2022

Students’ voice: What place does it have in school?

In a secondary school that offers upper secondary education, two senior students, selected by their peers, must serve on the school board. It’s the law.  Students can participate in the democracy of their school environment on the school board, but also on the student council. By electing their representatives, not only can youth take part […]

Categories: Worth exploring

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