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Other voting options

You are unable to move about for health reasons


You can arrange to vote at home if you are unable to move about for health reasons.

If you are unable to move about for health reasons, you can:

  • Register or make changes to your entry on the list of electors at home
  • Vote in advance at home

Your caregiver can also register themselves, change their registration and vote at home at the same time as you, if they so request. Only one caregiver can take advantage of this right.

Once an election has been called, full details will be posted on this page.

Entry on the list of electors

You must be on the list of electors at your home address if you want to vote. Here are three easy ways to check:

Make a request

  1. Contact your returning officer by phone, by mail or by fax and request to vote at home. Your request must be received by [day -14]. If you need to register or change your registration, tell your returning officer.
  2. Your returning officer will inform you of the day and time of the teams’ visit to your home for your registration, if needed, and for your vote.
  3. During the voting team’s visit, you will be required to swear an oath (PDF) to attest that you are unable to travel for health reasons.

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