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Benefits of division into electoral districts

Commission de la représentation électorale

Better representation of electors

Dividing a municipal territory into electoral districts is a procedure that, while promoting citizen participation, ensures fair and balanced representation of them. Redistricting is reviewed every four years and modified, as required, to take into account changes in population and natural communities.

Better identification for the representative

The link between the elected member and electors is reinforced. Indeed, this division method allows the councillor to develop a better knowledge of his community and his fellow citizens within the district. In return, citizens are better able to identify with their representative.

Reduction of costs

During elections, the division of the territory into districts entails advantages in terms of administration, time, energy and costs for a municipality. Indeed, this procedure allows for a considerable reduction, during a general poll, in the number of ballots sent to electors who will not have to vote for all of the councillor positions of the municipality. Additionally, during a by-election, only the district concerned is affected and not the whole municipality.