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Understanding electoral maps

The creation of an electoral map is the starting point for the entire electoral process. These maps establish the territory and the population that each elected person will represent over the term of their mandate.

Creating electoral maps

Electoral maps are created based on the guiding principle of effective representation. This principle aims to maintain relative equality of vote among electors and ensure the respect of natural communities. For this reason, demographic, geographic and sociological criteria are all taken into consideration.

History of Québec’s electoral map

Québec has been divided into electoral divisions since 1792. Several events have marked the evolution of Québec's electoral map.

History of Québec’s electoral divisions

A timeline shows the history of the electoral divisions in all regions.

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Find an electoral division

Each electoral division is presented on a data sheet that includes its map, the origin of its name and its socioeconomic data. During elections, this sheet also includes information on the candidates and the returning officer of the electoral division.

Learn all about your provincial electoral division