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The information system of the permanent list of electors is essentially composed of two registers: the register of electors and the register of territories (table in French).

The register of electors

The register of electors consists of data on all electors wishing to be entered on a provincial, municipal or school list of electors.
It is composed of:

  • the list of electors used in the most recent poll;
  • the amendments made to this list at the time of provincial, municipal or school elections;
  • the electors qualified at that time to vote as electors outside Québec.

This information and the RAMQ’s register of insured persons are cross-tabulated in order to attribute a cross-tabulation code to each elector. This code enables the RAMQ to transmit to us any identity or address change pertaining to a given elector. Updating the register of electors is done continuously.

The register of electors is updated permanently on the basis of data derived from 10 information sources:

The register of territories

The register of territories is composed of three subregisters:

  • the address subregister, which is composed of the domiciliary addresses of the persons entered in the register of electors;
  • the electoral territory subregister, which is composed of the descriptions of the provincial electoral divisions, the municipal districts or quarters and the school divisions;
  • the judicial territory subregister, which is composed of the description of the judicial districts.

The electoral territory subregister (table in French) is updated as and when changes are made in the description of these territories. The municipalities and the school boards retain responsibility for updating these territories, when necessary. The address subregister is renewed primarily through updates made to the register of electors (new addresses, street name changes, etc.).